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The Next DS

I like having dreams that give me ideas, and this is no exception.

You see, there's been a little buzz floating about the Internet about Nintendo possibly redesigning the DS a tad - slim up the form factor a little more, possibly ditch the GBA slot, maybe make the top screen widescreen... All novel ideas, sure, but none really all that practical.

Then, last night, I had a stupid little dream. It involved myself and some others doing a piss poor job at repairing electronics using cardboard, tape and gutted iPod Shuffles. Yeah, I don't get that either. But, whatever it was I was "fixing" had multiple slots for these cartridge things. I have no clue what this was all for, but it gave me an idea, which is all that matters. So, I'm going to start a Nintendo rumor right here.

The next DS will have multiple slots for game carts. Think, maybe three or four?

Think about it though, most of us who own DSs have multiple games. And when we're on the road, and we want to have the option of playing several different titles, we have to lug around some sort of storage thingie. But, having multiple slots on the DS takes care of that problem. The software already has the capability, what with the boot-up stuff asking if you want to play either the game in the DS slot or the one in the GBA slot. It's simple! That's why it's bound to happen, if you ask me.

So, look for the multi-slot DS sometime in the future. I'd bet on it.

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