January 31st, 2006

You're By My Side

I promised something cool in Monday's Angel Moxie Rant, and now I'm making good on that promise.

As evident in my other comic escapades, I certainly enjoy creating completely unecessary theme songs. I mean, it's a comic. Why have music? Good question. I have no idea.

Well, for all the years Angel Moxie has been in existence, I've never gotten around to producing a proper theme song. Until now. I proudly give you the Angel Moxie theme song...

You're By My Side
Music by Dan Hess
Lyrics by Eric King with Beau Alquizola
Performed by Beau Alquizola

This has been a long time in the making. Many years ago, I asked my buddy Eric if he would want to write some lyrics for some AM music. He gave me some spiffy poetry, which I soon after lost. Meanwhile, I composed some music and filed it away.

Well, time passes and I pull out the music again. I add a melody. And file it away again.

Then, when the end of the Moxie became apparent, I decided that it was now or never. I grabbed Eric again and sent him the music I had done and asked for some lyrics. He gave me lyrics and self doubt. I also made a call to my favoritest musician friend Beau and asked if he could sing it, which thankfully he agreed. A few hours in the studio writing and composing, some recording time and an evening of mixing later, and we have a song!

It sums up AM pretty well - it's cute, sweet, a bit tongue-in-cheek, and is all about friendship standing up to evil. And it works well as a closing-credit montage to accompany the epilogue images. So, enjoy. And make sure you check out Beau's website. His own music is hundreds of times better than this silly lil' ditty.
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